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Lab.EES has positions available
for undergraduate and graduate student research assistants

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Dr. Daniel E. Meeroff
Professor & Assoc. Chair of Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering
Lab.EES Director

The supervisor of the Lab.EES, Dr. Daniel E. Meeroff, has a strong background in analytical instrumentation, water quality, environmental microbiology, and synthetic organic chemistry.

Since joining FAU, Dr. Meeroff has conducted research in water/wastewater technology development, environmental field monitoring, aquatic toxicity, water conservation, and environmental process modeling.

Dr. Meeroff works closely with local area consulting firms to assist in design of experiments and data evaluation for applications testing and providing scientific expertise to deal with environmental, engineering, and public health issues. Lab.EES has the built-in flexibility that is uniquely suited to this type of work, such as the capability to construct custom-designed experimental apparatus to meet the specific needs of the project.

Dr. Meeroff's research interests include developing innovative treatment technologies that mimic natural systems, specifically by applying physical/chemical and microbiological processes in novel approaches. His specialties involve the application of advanced principles of chemistry and microbiology for the solution and prevention of environmental problems.


Dr. Meeroff is an NCAA national champion soccer player (Florida Tech '91) and Florida Tech Sports Hall of Famer. Today he still coaches soccer for inner city youths in his spare time, and he also teaches the USASA National Amateur Soccer Coaching license course.

Recent Lab.EES Team Awards 

  • Dr. Meeroff, 2019 Engineering Educator of the Year, Engineer's Council
  • Md. Fahim Salek, 2019 FWEA Scholarship
  • Bishow Shaha, 2019 First FAU student to pass the Environmental FE
  • Bishow Shaha, 2018 Dissertation Scholarship Award
  • Lisandre Meyer, 2018 Phi Kappa Phi Scholar
  • Rohan Sethi, 2018 Florida Section Air & Waste Management Association Student Scholarship Winner
  • Rohan Sethi, 2018 FWEA Scholarship
  • Lisandre Meyer, 2017 Keith & Schnars Scholarship Winner
  • Julia Roblyer, 2017 FAU 3MT® Three Minute Thesis heat first runner up "Smell-O-Vision: Using Human Odorant Binding Protein to Measure Landfill Odors," Faculty Advisor: Prof. Dan Meeroff
  • 2017 International Solid Waste Student Design Team Champions (Andrea Garcia, Lisandre Meyer, Matthew Swaney, Bishow Nath Shaha, and Rohan Sethi)
  • Dr. Meeroff, 2017 Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • Lisandre Meyer, 2017 University Scholar
  • Mateja Vidovic, 2017 FWEA Scholarship
  • Lisandre Meyer, 2017 Nominee for Barry Goldwater Scholarship
  • Lisandre Meyer, 2016 College of Engineering Undergraduate Researcher of the Year
  • Alyssa Harris, 2016 University Club Merit Award
  • Bishow Nath Shaha, 2016 FWEA Scholarship
  • 2015, International Solid Waste Student Design Team Runner Up (Bishow Nath Shaha, Joseph Lakner, Neil Coffman, Alyssa Dalloo, Justin Dacey)
  • Dr. Meeroff, 2015 Distinguished Research Mentor of the Year
  • Lisandre Meyer, 2015 Undergraduate Research Grant Award
  • Alyssa Harris, 2015 College of Engineering Undergraduate Researcher of the Year
  • Alyssa Harris/Denys Purdy, 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster 2nd place
  • David Cowan, 2014 Undergraduate Research Grant Award
  • Joseph Lakner, 2014 Provost Fellowship
  • Dr. Meeroff, 2014 Distinguished Teacher of the Year
  • Dr. Meeroff, 2014 John J. Guarrera Engineering Educator of the Year
  • Dr. Meeroff, 2013 Quality Matters Seal of Recognition for eLearning
  • Frank Youngman, 2013 FWEA Scholarship
  • Dr. Meeroff, 2012 NCEES Engineering Award
  • Dr. Meeroff, 2011 Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • David Cowan, 2012 Odebrecht Award 12th place, "Sustainshield"
  • Anthony Ruffini, 2012 FWEA Scholarship
  • Richard Reichenbach, 2011 FWEA Scholarship
  • Richard Reichenbach, 2010 Undergraduate Research Grant Award
  • Andre McBarnette, 2010 FWEA Scholarship

Graduate Students

Frederic Morin
Class of 2005

Courtney (Skinner) Licata, PE
Class of 2006
Francois Gasnier
Class of 2007
Thais Bocca
Class of 2007

Adriana Toro, PE
Class of 2007

Eli Brossell
Tammy Martin, PE
Andre McBarnette, PE
Class of 2011

Kimberly Coppock

Frank Youngman, EI
Class of 2013

Amy Sirmans, PE
Class of 2015
David Cowan Jr., PE
Class of 2015
Ahmed Albasri Fulbright Scholar Joseph Lakner, EI
Class of 2015
Neil Coffman, EI
Class of 2015
Bishow Nath Shaha, EI
Class of 2016
Justin Dacey
Mateja Vidovic
Class of 2017
Julia Roblyer
Class of 2017
Rohan Sethi
Class of 2018
Andrea Garcia
Class of 2019
Md. Fahim Salek
Expected Class of 2019
Sharmily Rahman
Expected Class of 2019
Rakib Chowdhury
Expected Class of 2020
Undergraduate Students

Anthony Ruffini, PE Augustus Cicala, PE Juan Felipe Pulido, PE Victor Hugo Rosas, PE

Linda Hess, PE Jason Neal, PE Richard Reichenbach, PE Theresa McEndarfer
Christine Lyons, EI Megan Matson Cleevens Guerrier Denys Purdy, EI
Justin Dacey, EI Alyssa Harris Oceane Boulais Lisandre Meyer, EI
  Joao De Almeida  
Eve Walecki Joao De Almeida, EI  Angel Martinez  Bertrand King 
Ghulam Quddus      
Visiting Researchers

Swapnil Jain

Hatsuko Hamaguchi Dean Frankel Joseph Vasquez


Lanette Sobel

Patrick Cosme Kelly Horner David Vargas 
Colleen(Wiltberger)Rader Aaron Thornton Samantha Godskind  



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